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is a video storytelling company amplifying the voices of women in the workplace. Our purpose is to inspire, motivate and help young women navigate work - often with a satirical flare. Our mission at Women On Work is to uplift women through relatable content, hilarious videos and a strong sense of community. We want women to know we have their backs.

It all started when two Cornell University students met sophomore year in the fall of 2010. They both were working in the business department for the independent newspaper, The Cornell Daily Sun, which covered campus news. They quickly became friends with a passion for style, professionalism, and hard work. 

After graduating, Juliet Picard and Sasha Mack went their separate ways in the corporate world, but knew they wanted to work together. Over the summer in 2017, the best friends were on the way to being on a reality TV episode, but they didn't take the opportunity because they wanted control of their own narratives as women and professionals.

Hearing story after story of friends and family having successess and struggles in the workplace, the duo created Women On Work, also known as W.O.W. 

We hope you come for the humor and stay for the message.

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