Good Relationships = Better Workplace

What happened to you? Tell us your triumph and/or trial.

I was promoted two levels from an Analyst to a Manager (skipping the Senior Analyst level) after one year as an Analyst. Now I manage 6 analysts and senior analysts while also running our company events, leading analyst recruiting, and completing my own analytical work.

What advice do you have for fellow women at work?

Learn how to work with people who have different work styles than you and make an effort to figure out how to work your best together by using both of your strengths together. Make a point to get to know each person you work with on a personal level to strengthen your professional relationship - try out their favorite hobby as an example! Stay extremely organized and always strive to make your boss look good.

Nominate a WOW: Have an outstanding friend working hard? Just tell us why...or don't because most men don't have to explain themselves. 

Holly Fogelson. She just reached her second year at her job. She is doing an amazing job and is loved by everyone at her company. Props to her for also being one of the youngest people there but getting to lead huge accounts and have a great deal of responsibility.