From intern to staff

What happened?

I was an unpaid intern for over a year and only had minor payments for small projects I picked up, but nothing concrete. Eventually, I was asking and inquiring about other workers salaries until I realized that...

1.) I was the only person on the team that wasn't getting regular pay and...

2.) on the team roster I was labeled as staff since my year ended. I had to fight tooth and nail to finally get a hold of my boss to confirm my status and then demanded I got a respectable salary. I did, but then my department was put on hold for projects meaning both me and my team weren't getting paid at all. I left the company to look for new opportunities.

What advice do you have for fellow women at work?

Always fight for your respect and self-worth to be recognized in the workforce, even if the position you're in seems like it's in jeopardy.

It's better to be respected and stand up to your own standards than to be liked and put down below your potential.