Meet Jessica Sarkodie // Operations Manager

Thank you for sharing Jessica!

What is your role and industry? 

I'm the Operations Manager of a design and build firm (architectural + construction)

Who or what would you attribute to your success so far?

a) My parents. They've afforded me great education and exposure.

b) My sense of curiosity and adventure. This has allowed me to throw myself in so many different and uncertain situations and they've all been excellent learning experiences

c) My assertiveness. If I really want something, I'm not afraid to reach out to people who can help or point me in the right direction

From your experience, what advice would you have for women in the workplace?

Don't hold back - you are more capable than you think.

Do you have any passion projects outside of work? If so, can you tell us more?

Yes, I do photography (mostly street and travel, but more recently documentary photography) My website is and instagram @jessicasarkodie.

Who inspires you today? 

Maya Angelou. Alice Gao. Lupita N'yongo. Mimi Ikonn