Meet Jessica Yang // Law Student

Who inspires you today? 

I draw the greatest inspiration from both my mom and my younger sister. I have witnessed firsthand my mom move mountains as a single parent and a small business owner. Her ability to accomplish so much in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversities taught me to dream big, work tirelessly, and be humble.

Even though I helped raise my younger sister and there is a significant age gap, I greatly admire her fearlessness. I've seen her compete as the sole female student in science competitions in a room full of boys and not even break a sweat. I'm so proud of her tenacity and I will try to emulate her inquisitive and daring spirit.



What is your role/title and industry? 

Law Student at University of Pennsylvania Law School

(Previously: Auditor/ CPA at a Big Four Consulting firm)

Who or what would you attribute to your success so far?

I grew up in a single parent household and spent the majority of my childhood raising my sister while my mom was at work. This great responsibility at a very young age instilled in me the ability to take ownership of any task or challenge that is given to me and to be comfortable in leadership positions no matter the circumstances. Not only am I from an all female household, but I also attended an all girls school for six years.

Being surrounded by many strong-willed and open-minded female role models, educators, and peers afforded me many opportunities to learn from successful and compassionate women. They also set the bar very high with respect to being a teacher, mentor, friend, and sister. 

From your experience, what advice would you have for women in the workplace?

Winners do what they have to do; losers do what they want to do. This has been my mantra since I started college. The choices and decisions we make ultimately reflect our personal brand and the reputation that we put out to the world.

As a young professional in both the financial services and the legal industries, I often find myself having to make very difficult decisions about my career, my work engagements, and how to efficiently and effectively serve my clients. Making tough judgment calls in a forward-looking and prudent manner will pay dividends later on. 

Do you have any passion projects outside of work? If so, can you tell us more?

I am very passionate about volunteering for nonprofit organizations that promote financial literacy. While I was working at a big 4 consulting firm, I volunteered at local middle schools and high schools teaching financial planning and budgeting to students in the greater Los Angeles area.

As a law student, I am involved in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance pro bono project where I prepare individual tax returns for low-income residents of Philadelphia. Financial literacy is not only a crucial life skill, but also empowers women especially to be independent and fully in charge of their lives. 


Thank you for sharing Jessica!