Meet Kim Bjanes // Social Impact Entrepreneur

Do you have any passion projects outside of work? If so, can you tell us more?

Yes, I consider my work one of my passions. I get to incorporate my writing, art, photography, and creativity into my work which is a gift! Another one of my passion projects is my blog.  I love writing, and hope to one day write a book.

Who inspires you today? 

I am constantly inspired by WOC (Women of color) creatives, activists, poets, authors, and artists! I love these mujeres and their work: Frida KahloSandra CisnerosGina Rodriguez, Jackie Cruz, Cardi B, Nikkita Oliver, Maya Angelou, Bell hooks, Nayyirah waheed, Prisca Dorcas, Kehlani, Selena, and so many more!!!

What is your role/title and industry? 

Click to visit Etsy

Click to visit Etsy

I am an entrepreneur. I created a brand that empowers Latinx and women of color: Brown Badass Bonita. I design tees, write poetry and create art that I sell through social media and Etsy. It has become more than a brand—it feels like a family of Brown Badass Bonitas empowering each other and the community.

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Who or what would you attribute to your success so far?

1. The Spirit of God for the inspiration and strength to have faith in myself.

2. The Latinx community for supporting me and reppin!!! (Undocumedia was one of the first to share my work and make it known!) I've met so many beautiful and badass people through this brand/community/movement.

3. My resilient and stubbornness which kept me going and creating. This has brought so much life and taught me so much about myself!

From your experience, what advice would you have for women in the workplace?

Believe in your creativity and believe in your capacity to make things happen for yourself. Be willing to fight and fail over and over again. Do it from your heart, but don't lose your head. I've learned to only create things that come from my heart and are in alignment to my vision. Business doesn't come naturally to me, so I have had to be extra careful to ground myself and focus. 

Thank you for sharing Kim or should we say Brown Badass Bonita!