It's a pleasure to meet you!

Juliet Picard // Co-founder

Juliet Picard graduated cum laude from Cornell University with a B.S. in Applied Economics & Management, specializing in both Finance and Accounting. While at Cornell University, among several leadership roles, she was the Business Manager of the Cornell Daily Sun, which is a student-run independent newspaper. Since graduating, she worked as a financial services consultant at PwC in NYC. She was ranked as a top performer and received an early promotion after two years to Senior Associate. 

After sending in her last student loan payment, she decided to take a break from PwC and pursue her creative passions in writing (novels, screenwriting, sketches) and acting. This was no surprise to many of her close friends as she had written a women's fiction novel during her time at PwC, acted during her senior year at Cornell, and had previously been a stringer for CosmoGirl! magazine in high school. 

She is also working on a second novel in the Romance genre. For more information regarding Juliet's creative interests please visit her personal site.

Sasha Mack // Co-founder

Sasha Mack was born and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut. She graduated from Cornell University with a B.A in Government and a minor in law and society. During her college career, she studied for a year in the college of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP) with a passion for visual creativity.

While a student at Cornell University, Sasha worked across leadership organizations. Her leadership was recognized with admission into two senior honor groups. She also provided design, photography, and event planning services to student organizations on campus through an initiative she coined SAVE Design. Sasha worked each summer helping young adults with autism and disability, children in foster care, as well as tutoring to close the summer education gap. She started her career working for a hedge fund in Connecticut and switched to a fintech start up in Manhattan.

Sasha has been a fine artist almost all her life and is also heavily involved in leadership positions in NYC non-profits.