Relax at work - Right now! Like, right now!

Cover Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash


ORGANIZE YOUR DESK - Clearing clutter clears the mind


Clearing your desk will make you feel a little bit more accomplished. Plus, cleaning can be a great way to break up the work day and still be productive. You can make everything pretty and nice. Maybe add a motivational quote, some good lighting and anything that reminds you to think about the big picture and to take a load off. Also, your coworkers will probably be jelous of your wonderful desk.

You might even find them sitting at your desk when you've left to grab your lunch from the fridge...because...everyone wants to be you. You're a boss with a clean desk. 

GET A WORKOUT BUDDY - Your bod with thank you


Yes, getting a work workout buddy can do wonders for you. You'll have an accountability partner as well..if you're lucky.  Some companies have gyms in their offices, others offer group classes such as bootcamp, pilates or yoga or you can do your own thing after work. It always feels nice asking my friend Ashley, "Hey, going to yoga on thursday?" and she reliably always replies with an enthusiastic "Yes!". Love Ashley. Find you an Ashley. 

I prefer to workout in the morning because I'm in the best mental state for the rest of the day - literally nothing can bother me. Seriously, getting your body moving before, during, or after a work day will set you up for a wonderful relaxing work week. 


ONE WORD. ROCKS - Hear me out


When I started my first job, there were some moments when I felt very stressed. What did I do? I went to church and got a rock. A nice smooth rock. Where did I put it? On my desk. Why? To remind me to stay grounded and that whatever I was going through would pass. You can probably find any object that you feel will remind you to stay grounded. My personal suggestion is a rock - take it or leave it. 

Your rock doesn't have to have fancy engraved lettering like the ones on the left. You can go to the beach and pick up a few rocks or shells so when you're feeling down at work - look at the rock(s) and pretend you're relaxing at the beach for a few brief minutes. 

You'll thank me. 



I love tea. I love tea. I love tea. In general, drinking tea at work feels like a mom's hug. Tea is warm, you can drink it, and it's healthy. Who doesn't like tea? I inherited my tea addiction from my mom. Some people don't enjoy becoming their parents, but that would be the best thing that could happen to me. 

Back to tea. 

Green tea has many benefits and drinking tea at work will help you take a mental break. Green tea contains antioxidants. Did you know it's great for cardiovascular and metabolic health? Even if you love your job, which many of us do, drinking green tea will always be that wonderful pick me up - every single day. Green tea is great for fighting anxiety, increasing mental focus, and energy. Can you get enough of these benefits? I can't! Walk away from your desk right now and grab a mug. 

EAT SOME FRUIT - What rhymes with fruit?


Things I'm also obssessed with..fruit! Don't walk over to the vending machine because nothing in there will do you any good. Processed garbage.

Your mental and physical health will thank you for stocking your desk or the kitchen with your fruit of choice. I recommend apples, pineapple, mangoes, or blackberries. Eating these foods will keep you energized, productive, alert and in a better mood. So, what does this mean? It means accomplishing your tasks at work makes your life less stressful (i.e. more relaxing).

Just remember to label your fruit because you don't want someone else having a free for all with your healthy sugary treat. Unless your'e into sharing you're hard earned fruit. 

I'm telling ya...the perfect 3pm snack!


If you know me, I hope you read this in my voice. 

Sasha Mack