W.O.W Spotlight

Women who are killing it in their workplace. 


Christine Phan

Business Analyst // Industry: Food & Restaurants

"Do not view being different or a minority as an obstacle or disadvantage; it is a strength that allows you to bring forth ideas and perspectives that others may not have." Read more

Jessica Sarkodie, 

Operations Manager // Industry: Architecture

"Don't hold back - you are more capable than you think." Read more

Susmita Sengupta,

Manager // Industry: Financial Services

"For every opportunity that knocks at your doorstep, there isn't a better alternative than hard work in my view." Read more

Shannon Isaacs,

Director of Development // Industry: Non-profit

"You cannot speak out for truth while also telling a lie. You cannot work to uplift and empower women yet fail to listen to women in the process." Read more

Jessica Gardenhire,

Architectural Designer // Industry: Architecture

"A large part of my upbringing focused on diligently studying, setting goals, and believing in oneself to achieve them...be yourself, be inquisitive, be vocal, and trust your gut." Read more

Kelsey Schmidt,

Energy Consulting Manager // Industry: Tech

"Try not to notice if you are the only woman in the room. If you do notice it, don't let it bother you or intimidate you, be proud and be part of the conversation." Read more

Jessica Yang,

J.D Student // Industry: Law

"Winners do what they have to do; losers do what they want to do. This has been my mantra since I started college." Read more

Val Mack, 

Product Manager // Industry: Tech

"Don’t be intimidated by the boys club. You have to put yourself out there and actively prove your worth." Read more

Kim Bjanes,

Entrepreneur // Industry: Social impact & Activism 

"Believe in your creativity and believe in your capacity to make things happen for yourself. Be willing to fight and fail over and over again. Do it from your heart..." Read more

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